Circle Skirt -----> Pinafore Dress

My mom might fight you on it, but I was never the pickiest of eaters as a kid...put enough cheese (she will attest to my cheese addition) and I'd lick a plate of broccoli clean, ask for seconds, and then battle my dad to a burping contest.   OK ok, my favorite food may not be broccoli but it's my favorite thing to wear ;)  After running into a misplaced bolt of this IKEA...i knew I had to slice myself off a yard or two.  It's a semi-heavy canvas material that's honestly lacks no movement but I just had to try it out on my body somehow....I might suggest a nice tote bag or durable throw pillows though!  I'm not going to bore and confuse the hell out of you with a piss-poor attempt at DIY instructions because honestly my sewing stills are just that...piss-poor.   I patterned skirts roughly from ones in closet and learned (and royally messed up) as I went, and fudged my way to something somewhat resembling what was planned in my head.  Wearing something you have created yourself is really rewarding---eating your broccoli is rewarding, too!


DIY: Pom Pom Links

<------ Rainbow Drop Earrings     *     Rainbow Eyeglass Chain ------>

This DIY is pretty self-explanatory, just knot a piece of thread and needle and start threading on the pom poms -thru the centers- onto your thread.  Secure to earring hooks, necklace clasps, etc etc etc forever forever and ever amen <3


One of my favorite things to see is sweet, innocent looking pets in spike collars.  At my parents we have a big yellow and white tabby cat who has allergies and a weight-gain problem, but one day we put a spike collar that was too small for our dog on him, and now he looks ~*soOo*~ tough!  I kind of run the same gamut when it's comes to the whole looking tough thing...I'm not!... and I can't even play.  For this DIY, I embraced my warm, inner-fuzzies and made a soft grunge choker that's "to die for".  


* Small pom-poms (6-10)

* 1/2" to 3/4" wide strip of felt (same color as poms, measure circumference of neck and subract 1in)

* Jump rings + chain

* Clasp of choice

* Hot glue gun (for quick method) or Needle and thread

HOW TO:  Take you felt strip and begin by placing and spacing out your pom-poms to their desired distance apart.  Hot glue or stitch through to secure to felt.  Stitch large jump rings to each end of the strip of felt OR with a bit of macgyvering fold over a notched out tab and hot glue rings. On one end link in your clasp, the opposite end will have extra chain to adjust size (I made a chain with jump rings I already had!).  Honestly you'll be done in 5 minutes!



Dogs in hats are the best thing on the planet (do not let anyone argue otherwise, it is a factual matter)  Take my homeboy Ollie (above) for instance, SO GAW DAMN CUTE.  Yesterday the two of us had a fun afternoon constructing a fitted ball cap out of an old "human" one I never wore.  I dare not post a photo of me in this hat, because we know Ollie would get all the votes <3____<3

If you want to make a hat for your own pooch here's a few steps and things to consider!---

Materials:  Old ball cap (preferably fitted because of the shape...unless you have a monster dog, then a wider snapback style make work better), Elastic, Sharpie, Fabric Scissors, Hot glue gun, pins & thread

1. Take your hat and map out the area to cut away so that you can add room for your pups ears.  The easiest way (pictured in the second photograph of the slide)  is to draw up from the bill of the hat towards the top button.  Cut with an extra border from your line so you can fold over and make a new edge for your dogs hat.  I hot glued these for times-sake.  

2.  Test out how this "old part" of your hat fits of your doggy's head.  You may need to cut away more, especially if their ears are up high or big and fluffy.  

3. Referring to the third picture, you will attach the elastic straps to your hat to make your hat stay nice and snug on your lil babe's head.  I tested out a length on Ollie under his chin and ran it from where the wool fabric and bill meet, from one side to the other.  Stitch in place.

4.  Now take your second strap of elastic and do the same from the back of the hat in a loop to go around the neck.  (Refer, too, to the third image). Stitch in place.



I'm always in the kitchen cooking up something weird-- throwing in a little this and a splash of that from the pantry and some almost inedible things I forgot about in the crisper.  It is amazing that on occasion, these things turn out pretty tasty and I haven't died yet.  The same goes for the DIY game.  We all have random things around that house that we don't use often enough or forget about and then we feel guilty and then think--maybe I can find a second, better use for them.   While reorganizing our pantry and closet area this past week I came across a gargantuan bag of drinking straws.  How often do we use those?  Whenever we remember we have them.  So... Never.  Maybe, on occasion when we have guests over or for a party.  This got me to thinking, maybe I should just have a party, but I would need decorations.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.  This DIY will show you how to use your straws for something other than their original use-- and I think it's pretty cute!


  • Straight drinking straws (4 or more colors!--- ours were from IKEA, they are a little wider in diameter, which helps thread string through easier)
  • Pony beads (basically any beads you have that are larger than the diameter of the straws)
  • String (I used yarn, but you may find a thinner string easier to feed through the straws)
  • Scissors


  1. It's simple once you realize the logistics of the project-- I made a test version and man, I was just being a goob, I tried running the string through all sides of each "triangle piece" only to not know how to connect them all together.  I then put my hand to my forehead, realizing I was going about it all wrong.   Instead, consider the string as your main structure.  A top string that will stay there and run through all the horizontal pieces of straw at the top.  The second string will be the "V" shapes of the penant.  Those r the keys to success (bless u DJ Khaled)
  2. To start, measure your doorway or length of space you want the bunting to hang.  Add some extra length to that to be safe.  Now cut a second string and triple that in length. 
  3. Take your strings and match up an end of each to the other.  Make a loop so you can use it to hang once your all done.  Secure and knot with a pony bead so your straw doesn't slip over a too-small knot.
  4. Now lay out your straws to see what colors you want next to each other before you beginning threading it on the string.  4 colors works well so you never have the same color touching.  Cut all the "top" horizontal straws to a shorter length to create isosceles triangles.
  5. Take your first short side and slide it on to the short string.  Feed your two regular straws on to the long string section.  Pull them taut, and then add a pony bead onto BOTH strings together.  Your first triangle shape should appear!
  6. Now you can add a new set of straws and repeat repeat repeat for as long as you want.  Laying out the order of your colored straws and pre-cutting them before you start threading them on helps speed you right along.  At the end, add a finally bead and create another loop. TAH-DAH! CUTE!*~*~




As you can tell, these socks are a whole lot of fun! (maybe it's the added traction ;)  If you never thought cute could span head to toe--- I think this DIY proves you can get pretty close to those kind of kawaii girl goals.   I'm so happy how these slipper socks turned out, and I'm also happy they didn't take a lick of sewing or artistic skill with a brush.  All you need is---

1. White sox ( I honestly found the cheapest, thinnest pair just to test-- but if you want to create something more suitable for a slipper I suggest those thick white tube socks your dad probably has! ) 2. Pink Puffy fabric paint (wow, I made some really ~*cute*~ fashions at the age of 9 with this stuff) 3. Narrow flip flop or cardboard shaped to the bottom of you foot

The instructions are about as extensive as the materials list: 

1. Slip your sox onto your cardboard form or sandal and position so the bottom of the sock matches how it would fit on your real foot. 

2. Take your puffy paint and draw an outline on the ball of your foot in a sort of boomerang shape.  Add four oval shapes above at the toes to resemble the kitten that you are.

3.  Fill in your outlines, and lay it on pretty thick with the puffy paint to give more grip to your slipper sock.

4. Wait, forever.  Or idk overnight- 1 day for the paint to dry.  TAH-DAH! <3



Hi! I can't really sew, but if you are just a wee bit brave you can fumble your way around like i did in just a few minutes and whip up something really cute-- these ballet shoe inspired leggings! 

A list of things you need:

  • Cotton stretch leggings ( the ones I'm wearing are $3.90 at F21)
  • (2) 3/4-1" wide x 15-20" long strips of cotton stretch fabric (i used an old cami of the same color and just chopped off the bottom hem to use)
  • Needle + thread + pins + scissors
  • (2) legs of a human

TO MAKE:  Put your leggings on (I did all these steps with mine on- all of the "work" we'll be doing is down at the ankle so just do some stretches first and you shouldn't injure yourself too bad :)

1. Working one leg at a time, take a strip of your cotton and wrap it like a figure 8 around your lower calf/ankle.  Keep it taut, about as stretched as your leggings against your skin.  Find a spot where it can overlap about 1/8", pin, and cut off excess (reference bottom left image).  

2.  Keeping your figure 8 in order, move it up to match it to the inside bottom seam of your legging.  The crossing design of the "8" should be facing the outside (reference bottom right image).  Slip the pinned spot under the legging and line the legging's seam to the pinned area.  Stitch that bad boy-- all you need is about 6 stitches (double your way up for good measure though because with the stretching it will incur some good wear and tear).

3.  You can stop here, but for even more cute and to make them look a little less like the regular ol pair of leggings you can ruche/gather the legging.  Start on the outside of the legging 2 1/2 - 3" up from the straight hem.  Stitch through and down, keeping all your stitches on your needle, pull snug, and knot.

4.  Dance your butt off at home, at yoga...idk if you fall asleep in'll probably be a ballerina in another life <3



Growing up, there were things like gummy watches and candy necklaces (that honestly, I never found that tasty...but the fun-factor made them worth begging my mom to get).  Today, I'll show you the grown-up equivalent to those sugar-sweet treats.   Although, inedible, this delicious looking DIY will have many people asking you if they're the real deal!


  • - Styrofoam Strawberries (I located a bag of about 15 of them at Hobby Lobby)
  • - Chain necklace (I chose a short length that would work for a choker-style necklace; look for one with large enough links to get a jump-ring through)
  • - Tacky glue or Elmers
  • -Eye pins (you can find these in the jewelry section of your craft store, they are approx 1.25 long pins with a loop on one end)
  • -jump rings

TO MAKE: Lay out your strawberries and chain to see how many you will want to use.  Find the middle of the chain and work out adding strawberries from there.  To "add" your strawberries take one of your eye pins and totally just stab it into the styrofoam strawberry going through where the stem is. Take it back out, dip it into your glue, and put it back into the strawberry as before.  Doing this helps secure the eye pin into the styrofoam so you don't start losing your strawberries when you wear it!  Now you'll have what looks like a strawberry with a little loop on top!  Attach a jump ring to the loop and put on the chain. Repeat with all strawberries! Enjoy!



These sleeky and simple (BUT TOTALLY FUN) earrings are the easiest little DIY if you have 5-10 minutes to spare.  They can be dressed up or down depending on your outfit, your smile, or what color poms you choose!  Let's get started--

Here's what you'll need in your arsenal to create:

  • (2) Large Pom-poms

  • (2) 3.25" Chain lengths (mine included small jump rings on each end-- look for them in the bead section at my craft store)

  • (2) Jump rings

  • (2) Earring hooks (the ones that kind of look like fishhooks are super easy to work with :)

  • Scissors

  • Matching thread + needle


  1. Give your pom poms a good feel.  They may seem all fluff at first, but they do have a core where they are held together.  You will take you needle and thread (knotted at the end) and go right into the center.

  2. With your thread now through the center of the pom, slip your chain length over your needle, onto the thread and pull it as tight to the core of the pom as you can.

  3. Take your needle and take a shallow stab into and back out of the pom as close to the center as you can-- really we are just trying to connect the chain to the top of the pom at this point.  Give it a few shallow stabs and loops and secure with a knot.

  4. Add your jump ring to the other end of the chain and follow with the earring hook.

  5. THAT'S IT.  Put em on a thrash your head around to some heavy metal--- because unlike other drop-style earrings, these are as light and soft as a feather!